24/7 Foal Watch

Chatswood Stud is the birth place for for future champions each year and the foaling unit is staffed 24 hours a day from late July until the last foal has arrived. Having experienced staff on hand to attend every foaling is essential to ensure not only the safe delivery of your foal and welfare of the mare but also to ensure that the foal receives every possible assistance during those early hours.

Securely fenced foaling pens are situated beneath the foal watch tower and allow for individual care and monitoring of the mare and the new born foal. Immediate access to the hospital boxes and emergency equipment ensures complete post natal care of your mare and foal should it be necessary.

All pregnant mares in the foaling pens or the larger paddocks are routinely checked throughout the night by our professional foal watch staff on their rounds and the owners are notified of developments as early as possible.

A foaling report for each individual is forwarded to owners at the first opportunity and consists of a general health assessment of the mare and the foal, an early anaylsis of the foals confirmation as well as several photographs of the new arrival autodesk inventor price

Complete foaling updates, including selected photos are also posted on the website and printed in monthly Newsletters throughout the season. Once again, owners are always welcome to inspect their mares and foals during the season, please call the office to arrange times.

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