Chatswood’s reputation for providing a premier standard of care for its horses has led to the development of the stud’s world-class mare management program. All mares are fed a scientifically formulated diet that caters for their particular requirements twice daily. This feeding regime also allows for close monitoring as sustaining the wellbeing of each individual is an integral element of the program.

Placed in large open undulating paddocks, mares experience life as it should be, running with the mob, free to pick their days away in a safe environment. Vaccinations and worming along with regular farrier work are all standard practises.

A month prior to foaling mares are brought to pre-foaling paddocks where highly qualified staff can keep a watchful eye on proceedings. Closer to foaling, mares are moved into individual paddocks and are under constant 24 hour surveillance until birth.

Chatswood Stud is the birth place for hundreds of foals each year. Having experienced staff on hand to attend every foaling is essential to ensure not only the safe delivery of the foal but the welfare of the mare. Every endeavour is made to allow a natural foaling process but if assistance is required it is immediate and with access to emergency equipment and hospital boxes, Chatswood can ensure complete post natal care of foal and mare.

A foaling report for each individual is forwarded to owners at the first opportunity and consists of a general health assessment of mare and foal, an early analysis of the foal’s conformation as well as several photographs of the new arrival. Owners are always welcome to inspect their mares and foals during the season. Please call the office on 03 5799 0560 to make an appointment.