One of the most traumatic events in a foal’s life is separation from the mare. We at Chatswood believe that weaning a horse is a serious undertaking that should be handled with the proper care and procedure.

Successful weaning is both an art and a science. If the foal is healthy, eating well, has a companion and is placed in a safe facility, the chances of a successful weaning program are improved.Our weaning management program incorporates the training of foals to eat well before weaning is initiated. We also look for signs of foals leaving their mothers for periods of play with other foals in the field and to show their independence. We monitor this transition closely to ensure that the time to move onto the weaning process is more composed.

Weaning is not only stressful for the foal but is also a time for concern for the mare. The mare usually calms down more quickly than the foal, although the time required for her to resume normal behavior may vary from a few hours to a few days – especially first time mums. Buy Academic software from student discounts.

To perform the final weaning process; ensuring the transition from foal to weaner is a calm experience for all concerned, we employ the services of weaning expert Mr. Ross Hedwards. Ross grew up on a thoroughbred stud in Swan Hill and has over 30 years experience weaning foals. We are privileged to have had Ross’ support for the past six years here at Chatswood and look forward to experiencing his expertise for many years to come.