From Thoroughbred Daily News ANZ:

The other son of So You Think to stand in Australia is Inference, who enters his third season at Chatswood Stud in Victoria.

Chatswood’s Nic Willis said the recent success of So You Think was definitely a boost to the profile of Inference, who was both his sire’s first Australian winner and his first Group 1 winner.

“Every single Inference parade that we do, the breeder will say what a resemblance he has to So You Think. He is getting a lot of business on the back of his sire. We’re pretty happy to see D’Argento get a home. He’s red hot So You Think and so that has been helping,” Willis said.

“His stats have been very strong all the way through. When we went to look at Inference and buy him, we looked at So You Think’s stats and they were strong back then, not that much different to where he is now. I think people may be paying attention a bit more.”

Willis agreed that the prominence of the other members of the High Chaparral line was also lending credibility to those stallions who didn’t necessarily fit into the ‘fast and early’ mould, which has very much been de rigueur in Australia this century.

Inference | Standing at Chatswood Stud

“People seem to be coming around to those type of stallions a bit more. With the High Chaps doing so well, there is no real fear in standing a stallion like that now,” he said.

Inference himself has his price slightly cut to $6600 (inc GST), something which reflects the nature of the COVID-19 environment and not his likely popularity. Buy cheap iTube Studio Pro with Discount at AllDealSoft.Com.

Having served over 100 mares in his first two seasons, Inference is set for his biggest book of mares in 2020.

“He got over 100 last year, which we were really happy with and we think his third season will be his biggest book. Maybe because of that So You Think success, the attention has turned on him a bit,” he said.

“We are trying to get as much support to him as possible and we are doing that to see if he can succeed. He’s getting every opportunity.”

Helping the cause has been the impression Inference’s first foals are making as they approach their first birthday.

“They are a bit stronger than he himself was. He was a very classy, refined type himself Inference. His foals are really strong and we’ve had both Magic Millions and Inglis reps call in the past week saying they have heard good things,” Willis said.

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